Turning finite time into new value is highly efficient and is a world that brings happiness to more people
Our vision
The number one gig worker platform in Southeast Asia

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses of all sizes, more than ever to to rethink how people work, and work from home policies are becoming more common. . It wouldn't be surprising that the current wave of tele-workers shifts from being forced to work from a distance to a much more relaxed, excited mood as they adapt to the situation and discover the benefits. This freelance industry is specific.

For freelancers around the world, the current situation offers a golden opportunity to not only earn additional income but also build a sustainable way of life and expand their skills into new markets.

Become a platform for all Gig workers Specialized service that allows you to easily buy and sell what you are good at A platform that anyone can easily participate in, whether digital or non-digital Connecting multilateral business as well as national It will be a service that further promotes the way of working in the new era
About us
Our team has long felt that there are few platforms that actively support free working styles. Even if there was, I felt that it would be a little stressful to use it every day because of lack of communication function and difficulty in finding a job. Is there a service that makes it easier to sell what you are good at? With that in mind, I started developing a new service that is different from the conventional job matching service. Then, in October 2020, JobSign, a platform that actively supports new work styles called Gig Work, was born. With JobSign, anyone can easily register their favorite job and buy and sell it easily. Eventually, your favorite job will find demand across countries. We would like to support you. We will continue to develop services that actively support new work styles.
Our Product

JobSign is an online freelance recruitment platform that brings together services created by individuals or groups of freelancers. Helping sellers create valuable products and receive income, for buyers, orders are starting at $ 5 and more importantly, JobSign is committed to ensuring work progress is always done properly.
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